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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Easy data backup to DVD, DVD DL. Download and try free for 30 days!

Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Amazon backup software | Backup to S3 cloud

Amazon backup software is an application that allows you to store your data of any amount and type in the powerful data storage infrastructure provided by Amazon S3, and to retrieve your data therefrom. For this purpose, Novosoft LLC offers its Novosoft Office Backup utility that can be widely used as Amazon S3 backup software.

The software helps you organize automatic Amazon S3 backup with any desired periodicity. You can adjust your task to backup all selected files each time the task is executed (Full backup), to backup only those files that have changed since the previous Amazon backup execution (Incremental backup), or to backup only parts of files that have changed since the very first Full backup (Differential backup).

Our Amazon S3 backup software enables you to prepare your files for Amazon backup in a special manner. You can have your backup data compressed for space saving and encrypted for secure assurance.

With the help of Novosoft Office Backup, you can backup your data of any type to Amazon storage or you can backup your data from Amazon storage into some other storage. Before implementing either of these Amazon S3 backup operations you must be:

  1. a registered Amazon user;
  2. a registered Novosoft Office Backup customer.

If you meet these requirements, you can use Novosoft Office Backup to create a new task for the Amazon backup.

Backup to Amazon with Novosoft Office Backup

You need to specify data to backup to Amazon. You can select files and folders from your local computer, from CD, DVD, data from remote servers (FTP, FTPS, SFTP), or from your Novosoft Remote Backup Service account (Online Backup item). You can also select data by its type, like Outlook, Database, MSSQL. Novosoft Office Backup will automatically find and display the data of selected type, so that you can choose the files for Amazon backup.

As for the destination, select Amazon S3, and enter your Amazon ID parameters.

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