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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
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Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


So Now What? Why Backing up Your Data Does Not Work Anymore

Are you a lucky dog?

Concerning the issue of data protection, this would signify you have never before experienced a computer data disappearance causing your critical files, video, or even a set of disks going to oblivion. This implies you are that 1 of 5 computer users. Fortune is something you do not wish that much as long as you are prepared, some would decide. Buy a backup software application to be your simple data safety, so nothing gets demolished. Now, that is the moment I ask 'Oh, is it true?'

Have you seen those not so fortunate ones, who did experience a data situation gulping their important documents, video, and a collection of hard disk drives? Well, I have. The more I considered stuff with them, the more frequently a notion arose: there were tons of users who did actually use backup tool before the data failure happened. What is this? Does that signify those software solutions do not actually serve? For all I know, there are sufficient of excellent software apps which back up data very well. But this is only the half of the process. Backing up is not plenty as it is to save your important files. What you require to get the protection is a disaster recovery strategy.

There is so much fuss about backup that this another piece often gets out of computer data protection bible scope. But backing up is not that complicated. Recovering files is when the real trouble goes.

There is an example. Mister X is into data securilty. He has found repository to copy his backup there and a software utility to accomplish the saving work. The data are enterprise docs, private emails, and various unapproved permit sensible things. So, Mr. X encrypts those data. After that he applies his powerful backup tool to store data to the safe storage. But here is a point: he hasn't saved the encryption key.

He maybe put it on a smart card that last one is lost or demolished. Or the encryption key was on a PC observing the blue screen of loss. What are Mr. X's opportunities now to restore the backed up and saved files? Zero (or less).

Hence, forget the encryption. Let's say we back things up from an NTFS to a FAT 32 hard drive. A lot of repository place on that second one, but what the blazes, where did a part of a 6 GB data fly? To the fields of great chase (FAT 32 does not allow files to be larger than 4 GB).

And those are only a piece of numerous issues regarding the thing of proper important data restore. Thus, next time you keep in mind about a backup plan, think about a recovery solution also.

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