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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
Data Backup Software

Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Flash Drives Backup

Flash drive is a solid state drive which imitates conventional hard drive is size, shape and interface, but unlike it, uses flash memory instead of spinning platters. Flash drives are designed as a possible replacement for conventional hard drives in certain situations. For example, if the computer's hard drive fails, a flash drive with a light weight operating system on it can be used as a replacement.

Another use of a flash drive is data storage. Flash drives can store about the same amount of information as conventional hard drives, but unlike them, they eliminate seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive.

Thus flash drives can be viewed as a reliable storage media to which you can save the backup data.

Novosoft Office Backup offers a simple method of flash drive backup. You only need to specify which data to back up and select a flash drive as a backup storage medium. The rest of the backup job is done by the program. With Novosoft Office Backup, you don't need to supervise the backup process as it is completely automated and runs invisibly for the user.

However, you are always informed about how the backup process is going on as you receive timely email notifications and can read the log file to which all events upon a backup task are recorded.

Use Novosoft Office Backup for smooth flash drive backup!

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