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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
FTP backup software.
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Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


FTP Backup with Novosoft Office Backup

Novosoft Office Backup is an effective FTP backup tool which allows you to copy data from remote FTP servers, as well as save the backup data to remote FTP locations. Doing backup to FTP is considered to be the most efficient backup strategy as it allows you store your critical data remotely out of reach of fire, water, thieves, as well as viruses and malicious software.

Automatic FTP backup

Novosoft Office Backup allows you to totally automate the whole procedure of backup to FTP where you really have to do as little as click the FTP button in the program interface. Novosoft Office Backup works with FTP servers which require authorization with the MD4/MD5 passwords which brings more security to your backup.

Backup from FTP

Novosoft Office Backup allows backing up data both to and from FTP which means you can implement the most effective strategy of remote backup, as you can copy local data to a remote FTP server, and copy the data from the remote FTP server to your local computer. Thus both data sets will be stored remotely with no risk of perishing in a disaster such as flood or fire.

Incremental FTP backup

Novosoft Office Backup gives you a chance to save up space on the remote FTP server while doing FTP backup. The incremental FTP backup feature allows copying only the new and changed files of the selected backup set, so backup won't occupy as much space as the original data.

FTP website backup

It is often the case that you cannot backup your website data because they are stored on a remote FTP server of the hosting provider. With Novosoft Office Backup, you only need to specify your FTP server settings and do FTP website backup without much effort. You can also switch between active and passive FTP connection modes to establish the best FTP connection.

Scheduled FTP backup

Once you have specified your FTP server settings (you can even connect via SOCKS5/SOCKS4 protocols), you don't have to worry about your backup any more. The program will automatically start copying your data to or from FTP without your supervision, while you receive feedback upon all events through timely email notifications and tray icon signals.
Read more about backup scheduling with Novosoft Office Backup.

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