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Novosoft Office Backup

New Task: calls for the New Task Wizard. It starts with step one, when you should select a task type: Backup, Restore or Synchronize.

Duplicate: creates identical copies of the selected tasks. Then, using the Properties item, you can adjust different parameters of the copies, for example, scheduling or encrypting.

Execute: launches all tasks selected in Tasks View. These tasks will be executed even if they were created for a single procedure or they are out of their schedule at the moment.

Stop: interrupts the task being in process, in some cases it can take several minutes.

Delete: deletes selected tasks.

Properties: allows altering task properties. Through this option you can change virtually everything you defined when creating the task: task Name, Backup Set contents, Storage locations, Advanced settings, Operation type, Scheduling, Actions. Read more

Settings: Click on Settings to adjust Novosoft Office Backup settings. Read more

Configuration: Novosoft Office Backup allows you to save program settings, items and registration status to a special file (with the .hbc extension) and then, should necessity arise, load your preferences. Read more

Exit: The Exit tab closes Novosoft Office Backup.

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