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Tip of the Day: gives you a random tip about Novosoft Office Backup basics.

Contents: opens contents of Novosoft Office Backup help system.

Novosoft Office Backup on the Web: opens a browser window at, Novosoft Office Backup home page.

Request for support: creates a letter template addressed to the Novosoft Office Backup support service. You can write any questions and/or suggestions about Novosoft Office Backup and send them to the support team. Your feedback will be taken into account as soon as possible.

Online Backup: launches a browser window at, the information page about Novosoft Office Backup Online service.

How to register: addresses to Novosoft Office Backup price list and price information at

Enter you serial number: opens a window to input a serial number.

Generate registry info: you can use this option if your default email client won't generate a registration letter. Click the Generate registry info:item. In the window that launches, enter your serial number and click the Generate button. The window with your registration information will appear. Copy the information and send it to us at

About Novosoft Office Backup: provides information about the installed version, copyright holders and the expiration date.

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