Novosoft Office Backup Toolbar contains buttons for most vital actions available in Novosoft Office Backup:

Novosoft Office Backup Toolbar

The Toolbar is organized as follows:

New Task: calls for the "New Task Wizard". It is the first step while selecting the task type: Backup, Restore or Synchronize. See Backing up data, Restoring data or Synchronizing data topics for more details.

Execute selected task(s): launches all tasks which are displayed in the Tasks View. The tasks will be executed even if they were created for a single session or they are out of their schedule at the moment.

Restore selected task(s) or file(s): runs a selected restore or backup task. If the task type is "restore" then it will be done according to its properties. If the task is "backup", then it restores data to the source.

Stop selected task(s): stops all tasks which are in progress.

Task properties: allows altering task properties. Through this option, you can change virtually everything you defined when creating the task.

Refresh selected task(s): checks availability of selected tasks. It determines if files specified in the task (e.g., for backing up or restoring) can be reached. If the task is network-based, Novosoft Office Backup initiates connection and checking.

Delete selected task(s): deletes selected tasks.

Settings: sets up Novosoft Office Backup parameters and characteristics.

Register now!: opens a window to input a serial number.

Task View window
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