File View window

This window is used to manage content processed in your tasks. You can navigate through files and folders and work with them as if they were tasks themselves.

Novosoft Office Backup Toolbar

Clicking on the top window line allows you to navigate through data included in your task.
For each file or folder in the task you can see:

File name: its name;

Status: its current status;

Original size: size of the original file shown in bytes. In some situations this information can be unavailable;

Stored size: size of the backup file shown in bytes;

Original time: time of last modification of the original file or folder;

Stored time: time of last modification of the file or folder stored in backup.

You can exclude files and folders from a task or include them, also you can process them separately from the rest of the task. To do it, you need to right-click a file or folder and choose a corresponding option. Also, you can adjust the File View setting if you right-click the File View box.

Log Window
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