Command Line

Novosoft Office Backup allows performing a number of its operations with the help of the command line. In this way you can perform Novosoft Office Backup commands without opening the program window, either with any appropriate program (like "Far manager", for instance), through a created shortcut to the Novosoft Office Backup agent or through the "Run" option from the Windows "Start" menu.

Novosoft Office Backup command line syntax (keys and corresponding Novosoft Office Backup actions) is displayed in the following command line Help window:

To open this window, go to Windows Start menu -> Run and enter in the textbox the path to the program root folder followed by hbagent.exe and - help key. If the program is installed in its default location this will look as follows: "C:\Program Files\Novosoft\Novosoft Office Backup\hbagent.exe" -help. While working with Novosoft Office Backup through the command line, you can use either a full key or its contracted form shown above in round brackets (in this case either "-help" or "-?").

All the other operations specified in the list of command line keys can be performed in the same way. But you can also run any of these actions through a corresponding shortcut on your desktop, which is much easier and faster.
For example, if you need to periodically backup a task, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to access Novosoft Office Backup agent file hbagent.exe. Right-click the shortcut icon to get the menu, select the Properties option, choose Shortcut tab, in the Target box type the required command and specify the task name (-e "Task name"). Press "OK" and close the dialog. Then, every time you need to perform backup of the task, just double-click the shortcut icon.

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