In Office Backup you manage data in tasks i.e. for each operation you need to create a separate task such as backup task, restore task and synchronization task. No matter what type of operation you are going to perform, you must create a task. After the task is created and scheduled for execution, you can see it in the program's main window where you can change task properties, delete old tasks, duplicate the task or view the task's status, progress and suchlike.

A special New Task Wizard will take you through the whole process of task creation step by step, provide you with useful tips and, if necessary, detailed explanations on options and settings of the task being created.

New Task Creation Tutorial

Below are specific examples of task creation for each type of operation such as backup, restore and synchronization. Study these examples and create new tasks in a similar manner.

  1. Launch Office Backup and in the File menu select New Task...

    Novosoft Office Backup Tasks
  2. Click the New Task icon on the program's toolbar.

    Novosoft Office Backup Tasks

    In Step one of the New Task Wizard, select the type of task that you want to perform.

    Novosoft Office Backup Tasks

    The following chapters describe three types of tasks such as Backup, Restoration, and Synchronize.

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