Office Backup allows you to back up all kinds of data stored in your computer or on the local network. Besides, you can back up data from remote servers via FTP and SFTP. The data include user files such as pictures, videos, text files, the data of different applications such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Outlook, and so on. Moreover, you can back up all Windows files and settings. You can even back up the contents of your entire Hard Drive. To back up data, you only need to add files and/or folders to the backup set and Office Backup will do the rest!

To perform the backup you need to create a backup task with the help of New Task Creation Wizard. The backup task can be created in Standard and Expert modes. The two modes differ in the amount of settings that you can adjust while creating a particular backup task. Standard mode has minimum settings while Expert mode has advanced settings.

Standard and Expert modes
What to Back up
File Filtering for Selection of Needed Files
Incremental Backup vs. Full Backup
Advanced Backup Settings
Where to Back up to
How to Back up
Backup Schedule

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