File Filtering for Selection of Needed Files

Office Backup allows you to apply file filtering to data included in the backup set. To turn on the filters, you need to enter Expert Mode.

Note: You can return to any of the previous steps during task creation to change settings or add more data to the backup set. The settings that you have already defined won't change as you do so.

When Expert Mode is switched on, Step 2 of the backup task creation looks like this:

Novosoft Office Backup: file filtering

In the Include masks field, you may specify file extensions to be included into the backup set.
The program will back up only the files with the specified extensions.

In the Exclude masks field, you may enter file extensions that you do NOT want to back up.
For example, if you back up My Documents folder and exclude avi. files, the entire contents of My Documents folder will be backed up except for files with the avi extension.

To add a file extension, type an asterisk, a full stop, and the extension itself. Use a semicolon to add more extensions.

Note: You can also specify complete file names in the Include/Exclude field.

In addition, you can make use of the Add default temporary extensions tab to include some default extensions.

Check the box Apply these masks to folders as well as to files, if you want the filters to be applicable to both files and folders.

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