Advanced Backup Settings

In addition to specifying whether the program should perform full or incremental backup, in Expert Mode you can make use of the two extra checkboxes.

Here is what Step 4 of New Task Wizard looks like in Expert Mode.

Advanced Backup Settings. Novosoft Office Backup

The first checkbox is Delete all files in the destination except those being backed up. When checked, this option will prompt the application to delete all files in the destination (the place where backup files are stored) except those being backed up on this particular backup session. You can use this option to clean the destination folder if it contains unnecessary information.

The second checkbox here is Store backups with timestamps.
Timestamps are basically dates of file creation. You can create as many backup copies of the same original file as you want. With the help of timestamps you will always be able to track down the history of the file modifications.

To set up the format of timestamps, click the Timestamp format settings tab. The Timestamp Format Settings dialog will launch.

Timestamps Format Settings. Novosoft Office Backup

Here you can set up the timestamp accuracy up to one minute, hour, day, week, or month.
Then, choose the timestamp format, i.e. the way the creation date of the backup file will be displayed. Click the "arrow" to see what options are available.

In addition, you can specify how the application should treat older backup copies of the same file.

The following options are provided:

Another option available here is File-specific settings. Click the File specific settings... tab if you want to specify how Office Backup should treat different types of files:

File-specific settings. Novosoft Office Backup

While doing the backup you can skip read-only files, hidden files, system files, and open files.
To skip these file types, check the corresponding boxes and click OK.

Open Files

Open files are the files which are used by some applications at the moment of backup. If these files are modified during the backup, the modifications may not be captured in the backup file. By checking the option Open files exclusively you prompt Office Backup to skip open files and back them up later when they are closed.

Click OK to continue.

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