Email Backup

Novosoft Office Backup allows backing up your mail directly from the mail server. To back up your mailbox with Novosoft Office Backup, follow the instructions:

Click the Machine Data Source tab in the 'Select Data Source' window. Choose a source from the list in the view box and click OK, or create a new source.

  1. Launch Novosoft Office Backup
  2. Click the New Task icon on the toolbar
  3. Select Backup task
  4. Click the Add button in Step 2 'What to back up'
  5. Click Email Messages
  6. The connection parameters dialog will appear.

  7. In the Connection Parameters dialog, enter your POP3 Mail Server address, user name, account password, and a path to restore.
  8. You need to specify the restore path because POP3 protocol does not allow restoring mail messages back to the mail server.

  9. Use the Check settings tab to see if the settings you provided for the mail server are correct. Novosoft Office Backup will verify your settings and inform you about the results.
  10. If the settings are correct, click OK. Handy Backup will add your mail to the backup set.

Note 1: POP3 protocol allows backing up only incoming messages of your mailbox. If you want to back up other messages stored in your mailbox you can move them to the Incoming folder and back them up as if they were incoming.

Note 2: Make sure your mail server supports POP3. Most mail servers do, but if you are not quite sure, you can find this information on the server's web site.

Now you can proceed with the backup task creation in a regular way. For details, see the User Manual.

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