Database Backup

Novosoft Office Backup has a special feature for quick backup of databases which have support for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver. The most popular ODBC compatible databases are Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL. If you want to back up data from any of these databases, you can use the DB backup feature that is available in Novosoft Office Backup.

  1. Launch Novosoft Office Backup
  2. Click New task button in the File menu or the New task icon on the toolbar (see the description of toolbar icons here)
  3. Select Backup task and click Next
  4. Click the Add button in Step 2 "What to back up". A dropdown menu will appear.

  5. Click DB backup menu item. The "Select Data Source" window will appear.
  6. In the "Select Data Source" window you need to select a data source or create a new data source to get access to the database files.

    You can select File Data Source or Machine Data Source by clicking respective tabs. File Data Source is stored as a regular file in your local computer. Machine Data Source is stored as the system source in the System Registry.

    In the File Data Source window, click the arrow in the Look in field to look for file data sources created earlier in your computer or remote computer. If there are no data sources for your database, create a new one. See how to create a new file data source in File Data Source.

    In the Machine Data Source window simply select an apprpriate data source from the list or create a new machine data source. See how to create a new data source in Machine Data Source.

  7. After you have selected a data source, double-click it to add data from the backup source to the backup set or click the data source once and then click OK. The data from the database will be added to the backup set.
  8. If you click plus next to the data source in the "What to back up" window's view box, you will see a complete list of database tables.

    Note: Novosoft Office Backup can only back up database tables. It cannot back up store procedures, views, functions, triggers etc from the database.

  9. You can exclude some tables from the backup set or keep all tables included. To exclude the tables from the backup set, remove the checkmarks next to them.
  10. Click Next to proceed to Step 3 "What to back up"
  11. In Step 3 "What to back up" you can choose type of backup (see for the difference between Full and Incremental backup types).

Novosoft Office Backup can only perform Full backup of the selected database tables. However, if you included other data in your backup set, in addition to database tables, you may choose Incremental backup. In this case Novosoft Office Backup will perform Full backup of the database tables (backup of all database tables included in the backup set) and incremental backup of other data.

Other steps of the database backup are the same as for other types of data. Read the manual for more information on the backup task creation.

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