File Data Source

Use file data source to open data from a file source with the help of ODBC driver. You can use the file data source not only from a local computer but from a remote computer as well.

If you already have a file data source, you may use it to do the backup of the selected database.

To create a new file data source, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the New: button next to the DSN Name field to create a new file data source.

  1. A standard ODBC dialog will appear. Select a driver for which you want to create a data source.

  1. Click the Advanced button if you know the driver-specific keywords for this data source. The "Advanced File DSN Creation Settings" window will appear. Type the driver-specific keywords in the box of the "Advanced File DSN Creation Settings" window.

  1. After you have chosen the driver, click Next to proceed to the next window of the "Create New Data Source" wizard.

  1. Type the name of the file data source in the space provided, and click Next.
  2. In the last window of "Create New Data Source" wizard, you will see the summary of your data source. Click Finish to finalize the data source creation.

  1. Now you have a file data source that is stored in your local computer as a single file that you can access at any time even form a remote computer. You can use this file data source to create more backup tasks.
  2. In some cases the driver may not find the database automatically and you will have to specify additional settings such as path to the data to be backed up.
  3. The file data source that you have created is displayed in the "Select Data Source" window's view box.

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