Machine Data Source

The machine data source is specific to your machine and cannot be shared with other computers on the network because the data source is located in the System Registry. However, you can specify if you allow other users who work on the same machine to use your machine data source or you will be the only one who can use it.

Click the Machine Data Source tab in the "Select Data Source" window. Choose a source from the list in the view box and click OK, or create a new source.

To create a new source, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the New: tab
  1. Choose between User Data Source and System Data Source. User Data Source means that the data source that you are creating will be available to one user only i.e. to you. While System Data Source means that all users who work on this machine will be able to use the data source as well.

  1. Click Next to proceed to the next window
  1. In the next window select a driver for which you are creating the data source.

  1. When you have chosen the driver, double-click it or click Next to go to the next window.
  1. The next window is a summary of the data source that you have created. You can go back to the previous steps or click OK to finalize the creation of the machine data source.

  1. 8. In some cases the driver may not find the database automatically and you will have to specify additional settings such as path to the data to be backed up.
  2. 9. The file data source that you have created is displayed in the "Select Data Source" window's view box.

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File Data Source
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