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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
Data Backup Software

Novosoft Office Backup

What is new?


Latest version: 3.4
26 December 2008
Download size: 11.3MB


How to Synchronize

You can choose what type of synchronization to perform in Step 4 of the New Task Wizard.
There is a one-way and a two-way synchronization. With the one-way synchronization, the contents of one folder will be copied to the other. If you choose a one-way synchronization, you should select the source folder and the folder whose data will be synchronized with the source. At this point, you have already defined the first and the second folder so you should only decide from which folder you will copy: the first or the second.

Besides that, Office Backup allows doing a two-way synchronization which is sometimes called mirroring. Mirroring means that the contents of each folder will be synchronized with the other folder. Should the contents of either folder change, these changes will be replicated in the other folder.

Check respective radio buttons to select a synchronization type.

Synchronizing settings. Novosoft Office Backup

If you select a one-way synchronization, you can specify that you want to delete all files in the destination folder which are not found in the source. To do it, check the box below the synchronization types.

If you select mirroring, you should also decide what to do with files that have the same names.

How to synchronize. Novosoft Office Backup

The following options are available:
Copy newer - older files will be replaced with the new ones
Copy older - new files will be replaced with the older ones
Copy smaller - larger files will be replaced with the smaller ones
Copy larger - smaller files will be replaced with the bigger ones
Skip - do nothing

Schedule Synchronization
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