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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
Data Backup Software

Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 3.4
26 December 2008
Download size: 11.3MB


Restore Task Example

Now let's take a tour through all steps of the restore task creation to see how it works. We will try to restore the backup file of My Documents, whose creation we described in the Backup task chapter.

The restore task is created the same way the backup task is. You can do it either through the File menu of Office Backup, or click the New Task icon on the program's toolbar. For details, refer here.

In Step one of the New Task Wizard, select Restore task and click Next.

Restore task. Novosoft Office Backup

In Step two of the New Task Wizard, you should specify the backup index file that corresponds to the backup file that you are going to restore. The index file is stored in the same directory as the backup file itself. Because we saved the My Documents backup file to the remote FTP directory, we need to specify the same directory to locate the index file. To do it, check the FTP radio button and enter your FTP server settings such as host, login, and password. Then click the browse icon to connect to the FTP server to browse for the index file.

Novosoft Office Backup

In the Select index file window, find the index file corresponding to the My Documents backup and click the Select button to add it to the location field.

Novosoft Office Backup

The index file directory will be added to the Location field.

Novosoft Office Backup

If you experience problems with FTP connection, click the Proxy... tab to specify the settings of your proxy server.

If you cannot connect to an FTP server because you are behind a firewall, try turning on passive mode. To turn on passive mode, check the corresponding box.

In the next step of the New Task Wizard, you should select the restore location i.e. where the backup file will be restored.

Novosoft Office Backup

By default Office Backup will restore My Documents to its original location. If you want to change the directory, click it in the view box of the Select Restore Locations window. The Edit function will be activated. Click the Edit tab to change the directory.

Novosoft Office Backup

In the Select Restore Location dialog that launches, click the browse button to select a restore location.

Novosoft Office Backup

In this case, we selected Desktop of the local computer as a restore location for the My Documents backup file.

Novosoft Office Backup

Click Next to continue.

In Step 4 of the New Task Wizard: Advanced Restore Settings, we specified that we want to perform incremental restore of the My Documents folder, which means that only changed files that are stored in the My Documents folder will be restored.

Novosoft Office Backup

In the next window, we were asked to enter the password because we had encrypted the backup file and had chosen to protect data with a security password while doing the backup.

Novosoft Office Backup

In the next step of the restore task creation, we should specify the scheduling options for the restore task.

Novosoft Office Backup

As you can see, the specified time of execution of our restore task is 07.02.2007, 18:23:41

In the last step of the restore task creation, we entered the mane of the restore task and checked the box Execute this task immediately to launch the task right after its creation.

Novosoft Office Backup

Synchronization Task Example
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