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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
Data Backup Software

Novosoft Office Backup

What is new?


Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Plug-in Installation

You can install a plug-in or plug-ins in two different ways. The first way is to download a plug-in/s from this web site, then save downloaded files in the "zip" format on your computer and extract the "zip" file to the catalogue: ProgramFiles/Novosoft/OfficeBackup/Xmlplugins.

To check the success of your plug-in installation, do the following:

  1. Launch your Novosoft Office Backup application
  2. Click the File menu
  3. Click Settings
  4. In the window on the left click Plug-ins
  5. In the right window you will see plug-in categories
  6. Click on "plus" next to the category your plug-in belongs to, and see which plug-ins are currently available
  7. If your plug-in is in there, then the installation was successful.

There is an example on the picture:

Another way is to use Novosoft Office Backup interface:

  1. Launch Novosoft Office Backup
  2. In the File menu click Settings
  3. In the left view box click Plug-ins
  4. In the right view box click "plus" next to a plug-in category
  5. Choose a plug-in within this category and click the Add button below
  6. The plug-in will be downloaded to your computer


  1. In step 2 of the Novosoft Office Backup wizard "What to back up" click the Add button and in the drop-down menu click More.
  2. In the "Add plug-in" window chose the plug-in category and click "plus" next to it.
  3. Click the plug-in you would like to install.
  4. Click OK
See the list of plug-ins and download now!

Copyright 2004- Novosoft LLC