How to Install Plug-in

Download the plug-in or plug-ins you need from this web site. Save downloaded files in the "zip" format on your computer and extract the "zip" file to the catalogue: "Program Files/Novosoft/Novosoft Office Backup/Xmlplugins".

To check the success of your plug-in installation, do the following:

  1. Launch your Novosoft Office Backup application
  2. Click on the File menu
  3. Click on Settings
  4. In the window on the left click on Plug-ins
  5. In the right window you will see plug-in categories
  6. Click on "plus" next to the category your plug-in belongs to, and see which plug-ins are currently available
  7. If your plug-in is in there, then the installation was successful.

There is an example on the picture:

Or the following:

  1. Open New Task Wizard.
  2. Press the button "Add" on "Step 2: What to backup"
  3. See your plug-in in the context menu.

There is an example on the picture:

See all plug-ins