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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Volume Shadow Copy Backup Utility: How Good Is That?

What is VSS for backup software solution? Is it a good things when there is some VSS in a data backup software solution?

Volume Snapshot Service is the technique that allows taking manual (or automatic which brings even more joy; automated rules!) shadows of data at a moment in time when the backup launches. The 'shadow' function seems excellent, but it is not cool-sounding term which makes Volume Snapshot Service worth inspecting. The most important advantage about the service is the fact: it backs up locked folders. To be able to develop and store shadow copies, Volume Shadow Copy Service waits for the file system to be NT.

Thus, with the Volume Shadow Copy Service functionality aboard, you get a chance to make reliable backups of a volume as the content is not modified and no problems with data being blocked arise.

The files storing process may be arranged two basic steps. The first one is to hand over VSS functionality to the OS. The second alternative is to use the thing as a Windows service.

But let's skip the wimp formalization and start to attend a portion of fun experiments. So, again, what do these good VSS features especially matter for data backup solutions?

Basically, the innovative Volume Snapshot Service feature brings the advantage of hot backup for files with multiple architecture to be reliable and functioning. For illustration, while backing up databases, this service precisely processes all current actions regarding those databases and creates a snapshot of files, the processing database version. So, say hello to on-the-fly backup files of SQL Server (and say goodbye to blocking the service in order to continue with the saving process).

Look at Microsoft Exchange Server. The Volume Snapshot Service thing in backup software will do a smart job here too. For example, it will back up existent databases instead of duplicating the entire volume they are stored to (a common Microsoft activity, horribly).

And when it comes to HDD imaging, the magic force of Volume Shadow Copy Service for hot backup goes on providing beautiful options, as the full OS copying without logging off Windows, syncing of two hard disk images, and consequently convenient PC cloning.

So, if you still haven't used backup programs with Volume Shadow Copy Service aboard, isn't now sounds like a perfect day to set up one?

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