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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
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Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Windows Registry Backup

Windows Registry is an important component of your computer performance. It contains the configuration information about your PC. This means all of your settings, applications, names of files and folders, hardware profiles and other information without which your computer won't be able to properly function. So Windows Registry backup is very important for keeping all your data safe.

In general it is not recommended to make any changes to the Windows Registry. But most users are never satisfied with the exploration of their PC and so they embark on a never-ending quest to find more ways to improve the efficiency of their computer.

No matter what changes you are planning to make to the Windows Registry, it would be a wise decision to back up the original configuration to avoid potential problems.

Windows XP has an option of automatic system restore which allows you to go back to the previous configuration of the system before any dangerous changes take place. You can make use of this, but in fact there is a much easier solution - Novosoft Office Backup.

Our backup solution allows backing up Windows Registry files quickly and easily, you don't have to access Windows Registry manually. All you have to do is to add Registry to your backup set. If you only make changes to the user settings you may exclude other Registry categories. In fact you can exclude any categories of Windows Registry files and back up only those you are planning to change.

Windows Registry integrity is crucial for proper functioning of your PC. Don't forget that changing the Registry can cause irreversible damage to you computer. So back up your Windows Registry first with the help of Novosoft Office Backup!

Read more about how to back up Registry automatically.

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