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Novosoft Office Backup - Data Backup Software
Automatic data backup to DVD, CD, USB, HD DVD, Blu-ray, FTP or SFTP
Data Backup Software

Novosoft Office Backup

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Latest version: 4.0
12 August 2011
Download size: 16.9MB


Microsoft Office Excel Backup

Excel backupMS Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft and sold as a part of the Microsoft Office package. Essentially Excel is a spreadsheet with cells which are organized in rows and columns with relative or absolute references to other cells.

How to back up Excel files?

In order to keep your Excel files safe, we suggest that you do the backup of the data from the Excel application with the help of our proprietary software Novosoft Office Backup. While doing backup with Novosoft Office Backup, you can take advantage of several special features which greatly improve the quality of backup and allow you to have a good time not worrying about the safety of your data.

To start with, you may apply automatic file search, which will help you find all needed files much faster. For example, to find all Excel files stored on your computer, you may specify the Excel file extension (.xls) in Step 2 of the New Task Wizard: What to back up (Expert Mode) and the Excel files will be added to the backup set automatically.

Another useful option that you may use while doing the backup of Excel files is compression. By applying compression to your data, you can greatly reduce the storage space needed to keep your backup files. The compression quality is adjustable and can be defined by the user.

In addition to compressing the data, you may also choose to encrypt them. A strong 128-bit blowfish encryption algorithm is provided in Novosoft Office Backup to make sure that the backup data are securely transmitted and stored on the selected storage medium.

Novosoft Office Backup offers a wide variety of storage media to store your backups including DVD, CD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, remote FTP server, Local Area Network, external FireWire or USB hard/flash drives. Just pick the storage medium which best suits your backup needs and the program will record the data automatically without your supervision.

Excel backup is quick and easy with Novosoft Office Backup!

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